Take a refreshing look at your guitar practising

Sometimes you just need to reset how you’re practising the guitar to feel fresh about it, get a new outlook on how it’s going. And get out of the same routine so you start to enjoy it again. 

Here are some ideas on how you can refresh your guitar playing. So that you can feel more excited about the guitar again. 

For the first thing, you can either do this one or two ways: 

Having your dessert first or last? 

You can either put your favourite thing to practice first to play first, or you can get the toughest thing out of the way. 

Normally people tend to be more one or the other anyway, so I recommend you do the opposite of what you normally do. So the idea is that you want to get the toughest thing you need to practice out of the way first, so you can enjoy the rest of your practice, knowing that you’ve already achieved something. 

But for some people, they prefer to just get going play something you really enjoy. And then it might lead you to do more practising. And actually that is more important for you. So see which approach works best for you. 

They’re both really good approaches to get a fresh look at how you practice and get you getting more out of it depending on what Which one’s gonna work for you best 

Practising without your guitar

The next thing is something that few people do enough of which is practising without your guitar. Yes, that’s right. Without your guitar, I want you to get out a notepad and do practising on there. It could be writing out or scales that you know, writing out notes on the fretboard, writing out chord progressions that you might like to play testing yourself on some music theory. There are so many things you can practice without your guitar and on a notebook instead, to grow your musical knowledge and understanding and also helping you to retrieve really difficult information that normally might come to you quite easily on the guitar. These things will help solidify ideas that you have in your head

I hope these couple of things have helped given you some ideas on how you can refresh your game. Talk practice. Stay tuned for Part Two, to find out more about how you You can practice the guitar in different ways So you can get more excited about learning the guitar.

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