Getting ready to play the guitar

How can you make sure you are ready to play the guitar? and start learning? Two things that are often missed be people starting to learn to play the guitar.

Let’s think about these two things and what they might be!

Having short fingernails

This is one that goes out to ladies but sometimes it’s for men as well. It’s important that you keep your fingernails nice and trim to help you learn to play the guitar. You do see people managing to play some “with long fingernails however this is a rarity. And actually makes a very difficult to get a clean sound after your guitar. You might have seen some professional guitar as with very long fingernails on one side, that’s for fingerpicking or classical guitar playing. They will have long fingernails on one side and shorts and a mouse on the other on the fretting hand. But if you are a beginner I would just keep everything nice and short. 


Got to make time to do the things that you like. A lot of people say I know have time to practice. Now when you’re a complete beginner you might not know how long it takes to learn an instrument day in day out and stay out the week. And that doesn’t matter it just depends on how fast you wanna progress.

I see you are enjoying the journey then it doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to practice just keep going to your lessons keep doing a few bits here and there to keep it up. But I do you wanna make sure that learning instrument just take time and if you’re expecting to get good then you do need to put some time in. 

Keep reading our blog and find out what other things you might need to get learning to play the guitar!

Remember, everything is easier with a mentor by your side. Whether that’s just for inspiration or give you a helping hand.

Take a refreshing look at your guitar practising

Sometimes you just need to reset how you’re practising the guitar to feel fresh about it, get a new outlook on how it’s going. And get out of the same routine so you start to enjoy it again. 

Here are some ideas on how you can refresh your guitar playing. So that you can feel more excited about the guitar again. 

For the first thing, you can either do this one or two ways: 

Having your dessert first or last? 

You can either put your favourite thing to practice first to play first, or you can get the toughest thing out of the way. 

Normally people tend to be more one or the other anyway, so I recommend you do the opposite of what you normally do. So the idea is that you want to get the toughest thing you need to practice out of the way first, so you can enjoy the rest of your practice, knowing that you’ve already achieved something. 

But for some people, they prefer to just get going play something you really enjoy. And then it might lead you to do more practising. And actually that is more important for you. So see which approach works best for you. 

They’re both really good approaches to get a fresh look at how you practice and get you getting more out of it depending on what Which one’s gonna work for you best 

Practising without your guitar

The next thing is something that few people do enough of which is practising without your guitar. Yes, that’s right. Without your guitar, I want you to get out a notepad and do practising on there. It could be writing out or scales that you know, writing out notes on the fretboard, writing out chord progressions that you might like to play testing yourself on some music theory. There are so many things you can practice without your guitar and on a notebook instead, to grow your musical knowledge and understanding and also helping you to retrieve really difficult information that normally might come to you quite easily on the guitar. These things will help solidify ideas that you have in your head

I hope these couple of things have helped given you some ideas on how you can refresh your game. Talk practice. Stay tuned for Part Two, to find out more about how you You can practice the guitar in different ways So you can get more excited about learning the guitar.

Common Myths With Learning How To Play Guitar

Learning to play guitar is one of the best skills that you can ever learn. You can become a professional player or play as a hobby whenever you want to relax. 

Unfortunately, today when you ask anyone for advice about learning guitar, they will crowd you with ideologies and theories. There are so many myths that are associated with learning to play the guitar. And if you’re not careful, you might end up believing some of these myths and think that they are true. 

But that shouldn’t happen to you. This is because this article will share with you the common myths that you’ll hear about playing guitar. 

  • It’s Not For Everyone 

This is the first thing you will hear, almost telling. Sometimes you wonder who are the chosen few to learn guitar. But that’s not the case. Anyone can learn guitar. 

So, don’t doubt yourself thinking that you are not among the few people who are meant to play guitar. Anyone with good training and persistent practice can easily play the guitar. So, don’t doubt yourself, find a trainer, and get started. 

  • You Need Long Fingers 

This is a myth that has been told for a very long time. Most people think that they need to have a special kind of hand that would hold and play guitar. The idea behind this myth is that you need long fingers to reach the guitar strings and play them effectively. 

But that’s not the case. All you need to learn is how to hold the guitar so that your hand can be flexible and access all strings and play effectively. No matter how your hand and fingers look like, you can train yourself on how to hold a guitar properly, and you’d play perfectly. 

  • You Need To Be Highly Talented 

Talent is overrated. Sometimes, you believe the myth that to learn guitar, you must be talented in the music of playing guitar. This myth comes from people who believe that the best guitar players were born to play guitar. But that’s not the case. Anyone can learn and play the guitar. 

The difference between the excellent players and just any other player is the effort they are willing to put into practice. If you spend much time training and practicing how to play guitar, you will be one of the best players the world has ever seen. 

  • It’s Hard 

Don’t believe this lie. Learning to play guitar is not hard. All you need is to find a good tutor who can break the lessons into manageable bits. And with excellent training and persistent practice, you end up playing guitar like an expert. 

  • It Will Take Long To Learn 

The amount of time that it takes to play guitar depends on the effort you’re willing to put into it. If you’re passionate and persistent about it, then you are in a better position in learning. 

Parting Shot 

Don’t let the myths about learning to play guitar hinder you from starting. Get out of your comfort zone and get a trainer.