Helping a child to learn to play the guitar

A lot of parents that we see who send their children for guitar lessons have never done any music themselves. They want to give their child the opportunity to learn to play guitar, where they didn’t when they were younger. Many parents actually want to play the guitar themselves but

they only have time to send their kids to learn and not for themselves.

If that’s you, and you’ve never played any instruments before or done any music but you want to be supportive and you want to be there for your child you’re wondering how you can help them learn to play the guitar. And this is the article for you.

Being supportive to your child

Number one, be supportive.

This is the biggest thing on helping your child learn to play the guitar you want to be there for them if they asked you that they want to do an extra workshop they want to do performance they want you to sit there and listen to them repeatedly play the same song, over and over again, hundreds of times, just be there for them.

Show them that you’re interested, let them show off to you and be supportive.

Never criticise your child

Number two, never criticise. It’s very easy for parents to criticise because it might be the culture that we’ve grown up with. Maybe that’s what our parents did to us. If they used to criticise our homework when we’re growing up, it’s very easy for us to start doing on fly child.

This is something you want to avoid. If you’re trying to help your child learn to play the guitar. You want them to have a positive attitude towards learning. So what do you do instead. If you’re thinking that you’re giving them constructive criticism.

That’s not how a child thinks was the very important. And there are ways that we can motivate them to improve without criticising them.

I hope these couple of things help you to support your child when they are learning to play the guitar or any musical instrument.